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Cape Air Personal Experience - Aircraft Charters

Your flight your way.

For business or leisure, travel when you want, where you want and with who you want.

At Cape Air, taking care of you is at the center of everything we do. Together, as we navigate these changing times, we are committed to connecting our passengers to the people and places that matter most.

Cape Air Personal Experience (CAPE) provides you with an easier and more efficient way to travel safely when you want, where you want, and with who you want.

Build a completely custom travel itinerary, with service available to any of the cities* served by Cape Air as well as select destinations outside our established routes. With CAPE, you’ll fly in your own plane, on your own schedule, gaining uninterrupted access to airports and fixed-base operators across our network.

The benefits to a CAPE Charter:

  • You have your own aircraft.
  • You do not have to wait with crowds at a gate or in a security line.
  • We can provide travel to destinations within 250 nautical miles in the vicinity of a Cape Air base.
  • Aircraft are disinfected and sterilized thoroughly - meeting the CDC’s regulatory guidelines as well as our own high standards.
  • You are afforded the same high level of safety and security you’d experience with our scheduled commuter service.
  • Our pilots are trained to the highest industry standards.
  • We offer a fleet of over 90 Cessna 402s serviced by our award-winning maintenance department.
  • There would be a maximum of 9 individuals on board (including crew).
  • Cost does not fluctuate based on the number of passengers in your group.
  • Time savings: you’ll avoid the delays associated with scheduled airlines, reducing the overall time spent in transit.
  • Personalized service: your CAPE representative will work with you on logistics, ensuring a smooth and efficient travel experience.
  • The Cape Air Personal Experience provides the levels of customer service that has been our trademark for over 30 years.

Save time and fly cost-effectively with the best available pricing.

For affordable rates and information, please fill out the Charter Request Form and a CAPE representative will contact you within 30 minutes to confirm pricing, details and to reserve your trip.

*Please review our current Travel Alerts, which includes transportation restrictions across Puerto Rico and the BVIs.

Why fly Cape Air?

At Cape Air, our goal is to get you where you want to be as quickly and easily as possible. Wherever we fly, Cape Air is recognized for our outstanding customer service and convenient flight schedules.